Carles Gumí begins conducting through the courses organized by the Catalan Federation of Choral Entities (FCEC) and attending seminars imparted by the maestros Pierre Cao, Alberto Grau and Lluís Vila, among others. Later, he enters the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMuC) and obtains the Superior Title, in the speciality of Orchestral Conducting, studying with Salvador Brotons. His project «Richard Wagner and the Catalan modernist composers» about the influence of the German composer in the Catalan composers of the Modernism obtains the maximum qualifications.

In 1985 he begins conducting the Choir of Geology at the University of Barcelona, while he studies in this faculty. He conducts this group until year 1991 when he assumes the musical direction of the Choir of the University of Barcelona for 12 years. In this period, the Choir makes numerous performances inside and outside of Catalonia, records performances for television and radio and consolidates as a good choir. In year 2002 he founds the current Schola Cantorum Universitaria Barcinonensis, devoted to the ancient and religious music, retaking the name of the first choir of the University of Barcelona, founded at the forties under the leadership of maestro Antoni Pérez Moya.

In May of 2002, with the support of the vicerector of Activities and Cultural Patrimony of the University of Barcelona, begins the creation of the Orquestra Universitat de Barcelona and the musical direction of the project is entrusted to him. From the beginning, under the baton of Carles Gumí, the orchestra has followed an upward process attaining some levels of quality which have allowed them to perform several times in the auditorium of Barcelona, in the auditorium of Zaragoza and in the University of Valencia, besides different places of the Catalan geography. The Orchestra performs regularly in the Music Season at the University.

Among the orchestras he has conducted it is worth to mention: the Wind Orchestra of Unió Musical del Bages, the Orchestra Filharmonia Hekàteros, the Symphony Orchestra City of Eivissa (OSCE), the Orchestra of the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Liceo, the National Chamber Orchestra of Andorra (ONCA) and the SBS Radio and Television Youth Orchestra of Australia (SBS Youth Orchestra).

He has been an assistant conductor of the Orchestra of Young Performers of the Catalan Countries (OJIPC) since its founding in 2004 where he has performed tasks to recover the musical heritage of the Catalan Countries.

Currently he conducts the Orquestra Universitat de Barcelona and develops an educational task conducting the Orquestra Andreví at the Professional Conservatory of Cervera.